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Annie Grace Studio


The Collection

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Annie Grace Studio

This is me, Annelie Nel, a painter or some would say an artist and the creator and founder of Annie Grace Studio.

Creativity has always been a part of who I am and it's probably obvious that my passion is for home decor. I love following home decor ideas and interior design trends and making my home beautiful.


2019 was a defining year for me, our house burnt down and this was the motivation for me to start creating docorative art and designing home decor, I embraced the role of home maker and this is how Annie Grace Studio was born.

The name, Annie Grace has a special place in my hart. I inherited my name from my grandma.  Annie/Annelie meaning GRACE. I am today where I am by the Grace of God.

He has truly blessed me. Not only is this my creative outlet, but it’s also an incredible opportunity to share my passion with all of you.

Annelie Nel
Founder of Annie Grace Studio.
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